MyOffice.apk BSNL NOW WORKING Online Attendence marking app download, Latest My office.apk download for BSNL ATTENDENCE MARKING.

Click here to Download the latest version of My office.apk file VERSION 4.0 AVAILABLE
ONLINE ATTENDENCE MARKING in BSNL is now compulsary in all SSA/ CIRCLES from 1st of October 2022. Now it's mandatory to mark our attendance online in BSNL using My Office.apk downloaded to your Android devices.
All the employees of BSNL are advices to download and install MyOffice.apk for marking Attendence online.
To do so, one have to Click here for Downloading the Myoffice.apk file to the android phones. After downloading this, we have to Allow the Downloaded My office.apk to get current location of your mobile/ smart phone.
The application can be used by the field staff (Approved by Nodal officer) thru the BSNL MyAttendence portal.

For getting IN attendence: 
Employee have to mark IN attendence from the MyOffice.apk while staying in the office premises. And enter the mobile number. The system will mark your GPS LOCATION ALSO. Via the myoffice.apk.
While closing the Online Attendence in BSNL, employee have to again open the My Office.apk download and Enter the mobile number to get the OTP.
Apart from MYOFFICE.APK download. Employee can also mark their attendence via CDR system on OFFICE computers via IP:
Note: This IP is accessible only using BSNL CDR. REST all of us know very well 😊.